Meet the Thistle Towing Team

Andrew: Andrew is the proprietor and founder of Thistle Towing. A life long car enthusiast, growing up around classic cars whilst also being introduced to caravanning as a child he now owns several modern classics. Andrew has over 20 years of towing experience on a private level before deciding to turn that experience in to a business. 

Chris: Chris is our planner and accounts manager, dealing with the day to day logistics of Thistle Towing as well as invoicing etc. Chris has a passion for classic cars, caravans, motorhomes and buses and is a valuable asset to the company. 

Thistle: Thistle is where our name comes from! A rescue Labrador from Aberdeen Thistle was one happy pooch, never far from her tennis ball. No stranger to holidays, Thistle enjoyed trips out in Andrew's 1982 Bedford CF Motorhome. Since passing, The Thistle Towing mascot status has been handed to Ben.

Ben: Ben is Thistle Towings current mascot. He too enjoys holidays away in the motorhome, as well as tennis ball games!

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